On MyDrawer we encourage you to share your writing with us, so that we can  share your writing with others. You can share a short story, you can share a long story, you can share a letter, a postcard, a poem, it can be anything you write and keep in your ‘drawer’. You may have written something, kept it in your ‘drawer’ and you feel that now is the time to share it with others. By doing this, you will realize that you are not alone; that there are many others like you who share a passion for writing and expressing themselves creatively.
We won’t judge your writing; we won’t say if it’s good or bad (unless you ask us to). We want MyDrawer to be a community, a safe and secure place which won’t intimidate writers who fear exposing themselves to criticism. This is why You will determine which type of response you will receive from other readers.  You can ask for full, straight, honest critique, from someone you know and appreciate and/or ask for a simple metaphor from others on the site. It’s your community, it’s your creation – your decision!
We created a user friendly platform where you can browse and search published material or add your own. You can be inspired by others, you can create your own group or join an existing one. You can discuss anything you’d like…from a book you’ve read to tips on improving your computer skills. You can join a group where a ‘mutual story’ is being created – each writer is encouraged to write 1 page maximum  – and every 12 hours, promptly at 12 noon, the writer changes thus contributing his/her version of the story.
On MyDrawer you are a part of a community. You can explore and share your creativity with others. So have fun, open and share ‘your’ drawer with us.


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